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treo 080.jpg
2006-04-12 01:21:32


Laser Burners: spicy going in…
…spicy coming out!
Austie Jonez: flour tortillas heated on a skillet in butter (unless your vegan)
4 year aged vermont white cheddar (as much as you can spare) on the
tortilla's hot side post-flip to melt
black beans from a can, drained, in a small pot, doused with green
tabasco and lee-n-perins worstishire sauce, a couple cloves of garlic
squashed and chopped in there, too

when the beans are done and soft, not mush, but cooked with all the
tastie add ons there mentioned…

place the beans on the hot tortillas with melted cheese

add 4 whole cherry tomatoes and plant them in the beans which are
stripped down the middle.

add some salad from one of those bag-o-salad if you want on top of the

you can now add salsa that you like which is of the highest quality on
top of your greens there and eat the taco with your hands…

or roll the tacos up and put the salsa on top of them. here is a
picture of that (with a bit of sour cream as well)

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