horror of my home office

horror of my home office
2007-08-16 10:02:01
3 months ago my new home office looked like this. I am now done moving in, and it is showing the patina of work.


partard: wow, quite an upgrade from the old maplewood house.
wayne bremser: A few questions here Austin…
1. What was terrible about the Dell?
2. I notice in both you have a flor light over your keyboard pointing at the screen. Is this to see the keys? Doesn't it glare up your screen?
Austie Jonez: (1) i bought it on the dell outlet for as much as a new macbook pro would have cost. i put suse enterprise desktop on it. it worked nicely, but the power management didn't work. i close the laptop and it keeps going full blast. also, it is crazy slow. it does this clunky thing where the OS slows to a crawl. I suspect it is whatever problem got it returned to dell in the first place.

(2) yeah, it glares either in my eyes or on my screen. i adjust it to stop doing one for the other whenever i get sick of one of the settings.


Austie Jonez: Fern. Paltry attempt to offset my carbon footprint.
Austie Jonez: terrible decision to buy a dell laptop last year.
Austie Jonez: empty scotch glass
Austie Jonez: cacti and succulents
Austie Jonez: blank CDs/DVDs.
Austie Jonez: Steinlager from NZ
Austie Jonez: Flashlight for when the power goes out, or I am tracking ants under my desk.
Austie Jonez: The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit. Working on a warehouse for Eyespot.com
Austie Jonez: 17“ Samsung LCD I paid $450 for 4 years ago. Now you can get 22” Widescreen LCDs at best buy for $179.
Austie Jonez: AMD chipped gaming box for playing CIV IV, running VMWare sometimes.
Austie Jonez: Line for practicing sailing related knots.
Austie Jonez: 1 old mac mini, 1 brand new mac mini, 1 external USB hard drive that the macs backup to.
Austie Jonez: Can of low sodium V8 vegetable juice because I am on the South Beach Diet with my GF.
Austie Jonez: 20" Westinghouse LCD.
Austie Jonez: Lately all the notes I take on work calls go on sticky notes. I shuffle through them when I am looking for some bit of info. I also use them as todo lists. This all happened by accident when I buried my notebook under a pile to the right of this. It was an organic evolution of note taking.
Austie Jonez: Stack of sticky notes that I shuffle through.
Austie Jonez: large stack of used multi colored sticky notes.
Austie Jonez: S. Pellegrino Sparkling Water.
Austie Jonez: Stack of books:

My lab book that got replaced by sticky notes.

High Performance MySQL
MySQL and mSQL
Understanding MySQL Internals

I don't know why they are sitting there, I just use the website.
Austie Jonez: San Diego Zoo panda hat.
Austie Jonez: Shelf of transformers and Gobots.
Austie Jonez: Contracts, invoices, bills, manuals.
Austie Jonez: really uncomfortable chair from ikea that needs replacing.
sean dreilinger: part of the Hops (tm) diet plan
i am klaus: porn.

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  • Model: Canon PowerShot A540
  • Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
  • Date and Time (Modified): 2007:08:16 10:02:01
  • Exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
  • Aperture: f/2.6
  • Components Configuration: Y, Cb, Cr, -
  • Compressed Bits Per Pixel: 3
  • Exposure Bias: 0 EV
  • Metering Mode: Multi-segment
  • Flash: Off, Red-eye reduction
  • Focal Length: 5.8 mm
  • Color Space: sRGB
  • Sensing Method: One-chip color area
  • File Source: Digital Camera
  • Exposure Mode: Auto
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Digital Zoom Ratio: 1
  • Interop Index: R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
  • Related Image Width: 2816
  • Related Image Height: 2112

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