Curricular & Instructional Planning Skills

Prepare lesson plans inclusive of goals, objectives, strategies,activities, materials, and assessment plans that are well defined and coordinated with each other, reflect cross-cultural and linguistic understandings, and provide equal access to the core curriculum...
  Exploring tidepools with Shardae

I love field trips, where I get a chance to help students apply inter-disciplinary skills from the classroom to real life.

  Water World-a teaching unit to introduce the water cycle

I drew on my years of outdoor education teaching experience to create this unit on the water cycle. You can grab a complete copy of the unit plan and view it using free Adobe Acrobat 3 software.

lp-water-cycle-revised.pdf [63Kb]
  Vionie identifies and draws shapes seen around the classroom

Although handouts and district-endorsed worksheets have a role in my curriculum, it's great seeing what students can create on their own when presented with a new concept or challenge, such as my activity for kindergarten students to identify and draw found shapes (right).

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