Affective Outcomes of Teaching

Foster students' self-esteem and enable them to achieve their full potential...
  A self-portrait and poem (from a project developed by Carol Shirley)

Afraid, free, selfish, smart
Brother of Alicia
Lover of my dog, Alicia, and Taiwan
Who feels happy, sad, good
Who needs a new bed, a new bike, and new skates
Who fears big, mean dogs
Who would like to see the ocean, Disneyland, and Six Flags
Resident of San Diego California

  Jeffery, Chandy, and Danny with their masterpiece

I need to recognize the strengths and interests of learners in my classroom and encourage their personal development.

  I created this word-seek game with each student's name to motivate and involve.

Students seemed to really enjoy hearing their name and seeing themselves 'in-print.'

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