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  MacCVSClient To Do

This list is neither ordered nor prioritized. Anything missing?

  • Case insensitive search.
  • Remember contents of dialog fields.
  • "File/Recent Modules" submenu.
  • Optionally use internet config for file-name-type mapping.
  • CVS admin, history.
  • Check valid requests.
  • Listen to AppleEvent "do command" to enable CWCVS communication.
  • More watch cursors?
  • Repair watch cursors for active CVS connections and module refresh after switching back to MacCVSClient from another application.
  • Display file types in module window?
  • Function "Find Module Window".
  • Function to undo local changes (like "rm file; cvs update file").
  • "Add To .cvsignore" function.
  • Diff view: separate preferences settings for "contextual" in both TEXT and RBL storage formats.
  • Hierarchical RBL diff view.
  • Side-by-side TEXT diff view.
  • Attic file access in CVS log, diff, add.
  • Fix daylight savings time change bug in CVS control files.
  • History popups for text entry boxes.
  • RBL: what if DF is created?
  • Status display in module window?
  • Binary file COPY/KEEP mode for locally modified files.
  • Batch search in all existing diffs/logs.
  • Make CVS checkout work on virtual module folders.
  • CVS retrieve from log window.
  • Drag-and-drop things into Login Profiles.
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