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3.2 Defining the module

The next step is to define the module in the `modules' file. This is not strictly necessary, but modules can be convenient in grouping together related files and directories.

In simple cases these steps are sufficient to define a module.

  1. Get a working copy of the modules file.
    $ cvs checkout CVSROOT/modules
    $ cd CVSROOT
  2. Edit the file and insert a line that defines the module. See section The administrative files, for an introduction. See section The modules file, for a full description of the modules file. You can use the following line to define the module `tc':
    tc   yoyodyne/tc
  3. Commit your changes to the modules file.
    $ cvs commit -m "Added the tc module." modules
  4. Release the modules module.
    $ cd ..
    $ cvs release -d CVSROOT

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