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C.3.11 Launch a Script before Proxying

The `preproxy' file defines programs to execute after a secondary server receives a write request from a client, just before it starts up the primary server and becomes a write proxy. This hook could be used to dial a modem, launch an SSH tunnel, establish a VPN, or anything else that might be necessary to do before contacting the primary server.

`preproxy' scripts are called once, at the time of the write request, with the repository argument (if requested) set from the topmost directory sent by the client.

The `preproxy' file has the standard form for script hooks (see section The Trigger Scripts), where each line is a regular expression followed by a command to execute. It supports the ALL and DEFAULT keywords.

In addition to the common format strings, the `preproxy' file supports the following format string:


the CVSROOT string which specifies the primary server

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