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C.3.6 Loginfo

The `loginfo' file is used to control where log information is sent after versioned changes are made to repository archive files and after directories are added to the repository. Logging tags for how to log tagging information and Logging admin commands for how to log changes due to the admin command.

The `loginfo' file has the standard form for script hooks (see section The Trigger Scripts), where each line is a regular expression followed by a command to execute. It supports the ALL and DEFAULT keywords.

Any specified scripts are called:


Once per directory, immediately after a successfully completing the commit of all files within that directory.


Once per import, immediately after completion of all write operations.


Immediately after the successful add of a directory.

Any script called via `loginfo' will be fed the log information on its standard input. Note that the filter program must read all of the log information from its standard input or CVS may fail with a broken pipe signal.

In addition to the common format strings (see section The common syntax), `loginfo' supports:


File attributes, where:


file name


file action (status)


tag name of destination, or the empty string when there is no associated tag name (this usually means the trunk)


old version number (pre-checkin)


new version number (post-checkin)

For example, some valid format strings are `%%', `%s', `%{s}', and `%{satVv}'.

Currently, if `UseNewInfoFmtStrings' is not set in the `config' administration file (see section The CVSROOT/config configuration file), the format strings will be substituted as they were in past versions of CVS, but this feature is deprecated. It is simply in place so that legacy repositories will remain compatible with the new CVS application. For information on updating, please see Updating legacy repositories to stop using deprecated command line template formats.

As an example, if `/u/src/master/yoyodyne/tc' is the repository, `%p' and `%{sVv}' are the format strings, and three files (ChangeLog, Makefile, foo.c) were modified, the output might be:

yoyodyne/tc ChangeLog 1.1 1.2 Makefile 1.3 1.4 foo.c 1.12 1.13

Note: when CVS is accessing a remote repository, `loginfo' will be run on the remote (i.e., server) side, not the client side (see section Remote repositories).

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