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C.3.3.1 Updating legacy repositories to stop using deprecated command line template formats

New repositories are created set to use the new format strings by default, so if you are creating a new repository, you shouldn't have to worry about this section.

If you are attempting to maintain a legacy repository which was making use of the `commitinfo', `editinfo', `verifymsg', `loginfo', and/or `taginfo' script hooks, you should have no immediate problems with using the current CVS executable, but your users will probably start to see deprecation warnings.

The reason for this is that all of the script hooks have been updated to use a new command line parser that extensibly supports multiple `loginfo' & `notify' style format strings (see section The common syntax) and this support is not completely compatible with the old style format strings.

The quick upgrade method is to stick a `1' after each format string in your old `loginfo' file. For example:

DEFAULT (echo ""; id; echo %{sVv}; date; cat) >> $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitlog

would become:

DEFAULT (echo ""; id; echo %1{sVv}; date; cat) >> $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/commitlog

If you were counting on the fact that only the first `%' in the line was replaced as a format string, you may also have to double up any further percent signs on the line.

If you did this all at once and checked it in, everything should still be running properly.

Now add the following line to your config file (see section The CVSROOT/config configuration file):


Everything should still be running properly, but your users will probably start seeing new deprecation warnings.

Dealing with the deprecation warnings now generated by `commitinfo', `editinfo', `verifymsg', and `taginfo' should be easy. Simply specify what are currently implicit arguments explicitly. This means appending the following strings to each active command line template in each file:


` %r/%p %s'


` %l'


` %t %o %p %{sv}'


` %l'

If you don't desire that any of the newly available information be passed to the scripts hanging off of these hooks, no further modifications to these files should be necessary to insure current and future compatibility with CVS's format strings.

Fixing `loginfo' could be a little tougher. The old style `loginfo' format strings caused a single space and comma separated argument to be passed in in place of the format string. This is what will continue to be generated due to the deprecated `1' you inserted into the format strings.

Since the new format separates each individual item and passes it into the script as a separate argument (for a good reason - arguments containing commas and/or white space are now parsable), to remove the deprecated `1' from your `loginfo' command line templates, you will most likely have to rewrite any scripts called by the hook to handle the new argument format.

Also note that the way `%' followed by unrecognized characters and by `{}' was treated in past versions of CVS is not strictly adhered to as there were bugs in the old versions. Specifically, `%{}' would eat the next character and unrecognized strings resolved only to the empty string, which was counter to what was stated in the documentation. This version will do what the documentation said it should have (if you were using only some combination of `%{sVv}', e.g. `%{sVv}', `%{sV}', or `%v', you should have no troubles).

On the bright side, you should have plenty of time to do this before all support for the old format strings is removed from CVS, so you can just put up with the deprecation warnings for awhile if you like.

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