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A.20 sign-Attach new OpenPGP revision signature

The sign command may be used to attach new OpenPGP signatures to any revision of a file. Existing signatures are not removed when new ones are added. sign may also be used to delete signatures from a revision.

These standard options are available with sign (see section Common command options, for a complete description of them):


Local; run only in current working directory. See section Recursive behavior.


Sign all files recursively (default). See section Recursive behavior.

-r tag[:date]

Sign the revisions specified by tag or, when date is specified and tag is a branch tag, the version from the branch tag as it existed on date. With -d, delete keys from the specified revision. See also, Common command options.

This special option is also available with sign.

-d keyid

Delete the signature(s) with key ID keyid.

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